In Lightroom Classic CC gibt es den merklich verbesserten „Autom.“ Knopf für den Tonwert.

Scott Kelby ( hat in einem Artikel auf beschrieben, wie man diese Automatik unterstützen kann, um noch bessere Ergebnisse zu erzielen. :

„To get a more natural look, after I click the Auto button I generally do this:
(1) Lower the Shadow amount to around 1/2 of what the Auto slider bumped it up to. The Auto feature set the Shadows to +59, I lowered them down to +30.
(2) Bring the Contrast back up to at least 0 or higher into the + side. How far to drag it is a judgment call based on the image you’re working on, but I usually at least take it back to zero, if not a bit higher.
(3) I increase the Exposure amount a little bit (here I went from Auto’s +45 up to +85, nearly doubling the amount).
(4) Then I drag the Blacks slider to the right a bit (it opens the shadow areas back up without giving it an HDR look).“