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Lightroom Classic: Sync Problem gelöst

Ich hatte das Problem, dass sich Lightroom classic nicht mehr mit Lightroom online synchronisiert. Folgender Tipp hat das Problem gelöst:

„We’re sorry that Lightroom gives out an error while syncing images. could you please try the following:

Open Lightroom Classic CC -> Preferences -> Lightroom Sync -> Press alt/option -> Rebuild Sync data.

Lightroom will restart and syncing will reset and there will be no impact on your images.“


Tonwert verbessern in Lightroom

In Lightroom Classic CC gibt es den merklich verbesserten „Autom.“ Knopf für den Tonwert.

Scott Kelby ( hat in einem Artikel auf beschrieben, wie man diese Automatik unterstützen kann, um noch bessere Ergebnisse zu erzielen. :

„To get a more natural look, after I click the Auto button I generally do this:
(1) Lower the Shadow amount to around 1/2 of what the Auto slider bumped it up to. The Auto feature set the Shadows to +59, I lowered them down to +30.
(2) Bring the Contrast back up to at least 0 or higher into the + side. How far to drag it is a judgment call based on the image you’re working on, but I usually at least take it back to zero, if not a bit higher.
(3) I increase the Exposure amount a little bit (here I went from Auto’s +45 up to +85, nearly doubling the amount).
(4) Then I drag the Blacks slider to the right a bit (it opens the shadow areas back up without giving it an HDR look).“

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