Beiträge schreiben per email

Dafür kann man gut das WordPress – Plugin postie ( http://postieplugin.com ) benutzen.

Dieses Programm besitzt viele Schalter ( http://postieplugin.com/usage/ ), einige liste ich hier:

--Specifying the End of the Post
Here is my message
--Delay the Publishing of a Post
This will delay 1 day
delay: 1d
This will delay 1 hour
delay: 1h
This will delay 1 day, 2 hours and 4 minutes
delay: 1d2h4m
--Override Post Categories
The first way is to put a category name (or partial name) or a category id then a colon (:) then the actual subject.
: Real subject
: Real subject
: Real subject
The second and third ways are very similar and allow you to specify multiple categories. Enclose the category name (or partial name) or id in square brackets ([]) or between dashes (-).
[category1] [19] Real subject
[1] [2] [10] Real subject
[cat] Real subject
-category1- -19- Real subject
-1- -2- -10- Real subject
-cat- Real subject
--Override Post Tags
Usage (in the message body):
tags: cats, funny


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